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Cheaper car insurance
Add named drivers to your policy

You could reduce premiums by adding an older more experienced driver
Adding named drivers to your insurance policy can reduce premiums, particularly if they are older and more experienced than you.
If the car is to be insured in your name, make sure that you transfer the car into your name too; many insurers will not provide cover unless the main driver of the car is also the registered owner.
You can also increase the excess
Increasing the excess to save money on insurance premiums. Be sensible, though – can you really afford £700 excess after being involved in an accident?

Consider going for cheaper third-party insurance
Third-party, fire and theft cover may be cheaper for low-value cars, but fully comprehensive insurance is the better option and can work out cheaper for later model cars.
Try adding yourself to an existing policy
If you occasionally use someone else's car, consider adding yourself to their existing insurance policy. Some insurance companies, including Quinn Direct and Direct Line, allow named drivers to earn their own no-claims discount this is a great idea
It may be tempting to put the policy in someone else's name do not– one of your parents, for example – with you as the named driver. But if you're actually the main driver, this is known as ‘fronting’ and is illegal so be very carefull.
Insurers are increasingly tracing fronted policies. If you’re found out, the insurer may refuse to pay out in the case of an accident and may even pursue legal action for fraud.

Look at policies with certain restrictions
More Than’s DriveTime for one and a few others offers cheaper premiums in exchange for not driving between 11pm and 6am.
According to the Association of British Insurers, 50% of serious or fatal accidents among under-21s happen at night.
Avoid modifications

Modifications on your car can make your insurance more expensive
Anything that increases the value, performance and desirability of your car to thieves is likely to increase your premium.
Insurers will look at modifications differently, so shop around for the best deal you can get if your car has already been altered from the original specification.
Keep your car safe
As with all insurance policies, premiums for drivers are affected by where you live and where the car is kept on your drive or in a garage.
Parking in a secure location, such as a garage or behind gates, can have a big impact on bills. Fitting car security features, such as a Thatcham-rated alarm, is also a good thing to do